Bilstein spare parts

The company Orient Global GmbH supplies spare parts Bilstein, Febi directly from the manufacturer. Our company is working without intermediaries and sells auto parts from Germany at the best possible prices.

Bilstein auto parts

Two of the oldest German brands, Febi Bilstein and Bilstein might seem like two similar companies – but they are completely different brands, making a different range of automotive parts.

Bilstein is well-known manufacturer of Aftermarket and Original parts, which are widely used in car assembly lines all over the world. This brand is famous for supplying customers with a great range of inexpensive spare parts.

Bilstein Parts Supply

The main products of Bilstein are suspension and shock absorption systems.

BILSTEIN - history of the company

The oldest German company – Bilstein, was registered in 1873. The production of the spare parts only began in the 20s of the last century though. The first products to come from the assembly lines were chrome bumpers and jacks.

In 1954 the company changed the direction of its activity and also began producing gas shock absorbers (at that time absolutely unique product). After three years, Bilstein parts started to be supplied to Mercedes, the giant of automobile industry of that time.

Nowadays BILSTEIN shock absorbers and springs are chosen by such well known car manufacturers as Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Subaru and others. The products of this brand are also used by many professional racers and racing teams, due to their reliability and safety, as well as in a car tuning scene.

Bilstein Group is a concern, which owns three brands: Febi, Swag and Blue Print.

Febi Bilstein spare parts

Запчасти Febi

Compared to Bilstein, Febi Bilstein offers a wider range of products:

- engine parts;

- suspension and steering parts;

- brake system components;

- car filters;

- drive elements;

- wheel fastening components;

- transmissions;

- electrical components;

- ignition and cooling systems;

- fuel system components;

- automotive fluids;

- pneumatic springs and other types of products.

History of Febi Bilstein

A lot of car owners are well familiar with the high quality of Febi Bilstein car parts. Since its foundation, this family enterprise has grown from a small company into one of the largest concerns that make aftermarket parts, with branches in more than 69 countries. The company offers a wide range of products, having more than 30 thousand items on sale, which are delivered to 140 countries. The annual revenue of Febi Bilstein is 100 million euros.

The exact date of foundation of the company is unknown. But it is known from historical documents that in 1818 Johann Heinrich Bilstein founded a small company, which was later inherited by his sons. The current name of the brand is first mentioned in documents in 1844.

Since 1881 the company was engaged in the production of screw-cutting lathes, and this direction became the basis of its successful activity. In 1925, the company began manufacturing patented spring pins (where the name "febi" was used for the first time), which were supplied to car manufacturers of that time. For several years, due to the rapid development of the automobile industry, the production of spare parts has become a priority for Febi Bilstein.

Unfortunately, the successful work of the company was suddenly interrupted by the Second World War. And only after it ended the company's management was able to get permission to resume the production activities and made every effort to restore the production as soon as possible. Because of the labor shortage, the company's activities were limited to the production of small household products: lighters, oil pourers, hand drills, etc. But things soon got better, and by 1947 the company had more than two thousand employees. The markets that had been lost during the war gradually returned, and by the early 1950s the company's revenues were already reaching pre-war levels.

Febi Bilstein spare parts - excellent quality, reliability and durability

To ensure the competitiveness of its products, the company imposes high quality standards for both its own and partner produced spare parts. During the manufacturing process, the company uses only high quality materials that ensure great durability of their products. All of them are certified by independent associations DIN ISO 9002 and TÜV.

This brand manufactures parts for different models of cars and trucks. And offers everything you might need for a safe and comfortable driving.

Orient Global GmbH supplies Febi parts directly from the manufacturer and delivers them all over Europe.

Our qualified specialists will help you to choose all the necessary products and process the order correctly. You can also order Febi spare parts from Germany by phone or by e-mail. We will make sure to deliver your products in a timely fashion.