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Our company, Orient Global GmbH, can offer direct supplies of spare parts from Germany to everyone who appreciates high quality and prefers not to overpay for their spare parts. If you need quality shock absorbers from Germany at low prices, just call us. We sell our products at manufacturers' prices.

Shock absorbers of your vehicle are one of the most important elements of the suspension system. They are responsible for stabilization, damping (or silencing) of vertical vibrations, ensuring constant contact of tires with the road, and keeping the suspension springs in optimal position. Their main and the most important function is to ensure safe driving and comfort.

Affordable Shock absorbers from Germany

But how exactly do the work? Let's find out. Shock absorbers dampen vibrations produced by rough or bad roads (potholes, bumps) and make sure that the weight of the entire vehicle is evenly distributed on all wheels. Together with suspension springs they provide the best possible grip, which helps achieve optimal safety, as well as, provides a certain level of comfort for both the driver and the passengers. These parts also work in tandem with modern safety features, such as, ABS or ESP. And if they don't work properly, the car can start to wobble, and in some cases, you might even feel the loss of traction or skidding. Order high quality shock absorbers from Germany at low prices from us. By doing so you can be sure of your safety and comfort while driving.

Types of shock absorbers and their working principle

  • Oil shock absorbers or hydraulic shock absorbers. These parts consist of a cylinder with a tight-fitting piston that divides it into two chambers. In addition to the piston, there are also valves in the center that are responsible for the flow of oil between the chambers. How fast the piston will work depends on the density of the oil.
  • Gas-oil or hydro-pneumatic shock absorbers. This type is similar to the one described above, with the only difference is that their cylinder is filled with a mixture of compressed nitrogen and oil. In these shock absorbers oil is compressed only when the vehicle goes over a significant bump or pothole. The gas is used when your are driving over smaller obstacles or bumps on the road. Due to their working mechanism, these products are more efficient than "simple" hydraulic shock absorbers.

Types of shock absorbers according to their stiffness

  • Soft shock absorbers are installed on almost all cars when first assembled at the factory. They provide high driving comfort, dampening all vibrations.
  • Sports shock absorbers are characterized by a lesser degree of comfort, but a greater traction of the wheels with the surface. This of product can often be found in various racing or sports cars, where the vehicle's traction is more important than the driving comfort.
  • Modern shock absorbers can also be subdivided into other groups or types by their design - single-tube and double-tube, or by the possibility of adjustment into - manual, automatic and non-adjustable. Whatever spare parts you might need, you can always get them from us, as we offer a wide range of products at favorable prices for all our customers (both for wholesale and private individuals). Are you looking for quality shock absorbers from Germany at low prices? Then do not hesitate to contact us.

When do I need to change shock absorbers?

There are certain signs that you should pay attention to, when it comes to your shock absorbers:

- Knocking sounds or creaking when driving on rough surfaces

- Increased vibration or skidding when turning

- Uneven tire wear

- Increased wear of suspension components

- Leaking hydraulic oil

If you notice any of the above symptoms, you should contact a workshop as soon as possible. The need for shock absorber replacement is determined after conducting a professional diagnostic of the vehicle. If the mechanic confirms that the shock absorbers are no longer safe to be used, then it is time to replace them.

Orient Global GmbH supplies spare parts directly from Germany and offers a wide range of shock absorbers at great prices from many well-known brands. All the products we sell come with an official manufacturer's warranty. Our managers are always ready to help you with choosing the right shock absorbers for your vehicle.

The most popular shock absorbers at low prices are made by Bilstein, Sachs and Optimal. All of these you can always buy from us.